YouTube Music needs you to improve the service: join the beta program today

youtube music needs you to improve the service join the.webp.webp.webp
youtube music needs you to improve the service join the.webp.webp.webp

YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service. The application is not one of its strong points, but wants to continue improving after the redesign of its library. One of the functions that is already being tested is the karaoke mode with lyrics in real time, but now it needs you to help improve the service.

As we see in the medium 9to5Google, the official team has published a form to activate their beta program which will be communicated via Discord. If you want to join and receive the latest news before anyone else, sign up and collaborate directly with the YouTube Music team.

Be part of the testing team: fill out the questionnaire that the Music team has published

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The YouTube Music team has developed a questionnaire that we must fill out so that we can accept as beta tester of new functions and features coming to the service soon.

To request access, we must complete this questionnaire. Although it is somewhat extensive, it is easy to answer the questions, which are directly related to music and technology. For example, they will ask us about the genres and artists listened to, how long we listen to music, what streaming services we use, from which devices we listen to music, among other questions.

This questionnaire may give us some clues and it is that there are some questions that may be teasing future features: We are questioned about the consumption of short-form videos (such as YouTube Shorts), as well as audio formats other than music, such as podcasts or interviews. It is possible that the YouTube Music team is studying new features such as sections dedicated to podcasts, in true Spotify style.

They also need to know personal data such as our ethnicity, studies or region. As soon as they accept you, you will be added to an exclusive group on Discord where more information will be shared. This group will be the main means of communication with the YouTube Music team, where we must contribute our bit with suggestions or bug notifications.

Requirements and advantages of the ‘Listening Room’ of YouTube Music

listening room is the name given to the music service’s beta program, which It has some mandatory requirements that we must meet to access. These requirements include:

  • Being a music lover.
  • Use YouTube Music as premier music streaming service for one year. Likewise, they will allow us to use another service at the same time, even if it is not the primary one.
  • Give feedback regularly through conversations and polls in the Discord group.
  • Agree with do not share information of any kind. Such as screenshots, recordings of conversations or features in preview, with people who do not belong to the select group.

Belonging to this group of tests will give you a series of advantages. It is a way of thanking you for the help provided, as can be read in the form, we will have One year of free access to YouTube Music Premiumwe will test the features early and have an opportunity to influence the future of the service.

At this time, we have completed the questionnaire without any difficulty. A server loves to test new features before their global release, so I look forward to experiencing them sooner rather than later. We’ll see how YouTube Music changes in the coming weeksbut if you are a user of this platform, do not hesitate to join.

Via | 9to5Google