YouTube Music in a group, so you can listen to music with your friends in Meet video calls

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youtube music in a group so you can listen to.webp.webp.webp

This past summer, Google Meet received some really fun features, like the ability to watch videos together, listen to Spotify as a group, and even play UNO. Now, YouTube Music is the next to integrate with Google’s video calling platform.

Thanks to the decompilation of the official application, which is carried out by 9to5Google, we know details that will be added in the future. Meet will feature all YouTube Music artists and songs.

Now you can listen to music in a group: YouTube Music will come to Meet

The media specialized in Google has decompiled the latest version of the official YouTube Music application for Android, specifically the APK that we found in the Play Store. In the lines of code that they have been able to review, they have found this function that is about to arrive.

This function, at least in the case of YouTube videos, requires a YouTube Premium subscription. The company says “you can use Google Meet to jointly view YouTube videos with other participants through Meet’s live sharing feature.”

In version 5.42.50 of YouTube Music, a couple of strings have been found for the “Live Sharing” function that refers to what we have commented on YouTube.

string name=”co_watch_status_bar_text”>You are live sharing in Meet

string name=”co_watch_status_bar_ready_to_watch_text”>Choose content to use Live Share. Playback is synced.

These two lines of code describe the status bar that appears in Google Meet when we are going to use the sharing function. “Playback is in sync” is the only description we have for how Live Sharing will work on YouTube Music. It’s a simple feature that many users will appreciate.

Remember that all Android apps can get Live Sharing support from Meet via the Google SDK. Some of these are Kahoot!, YouTube or the card game UNO. We will have more details about this addition to Google Meet soon.

Via | 9to5Google