YouTube launches the ‘Continue watching’ function: you can now start watching a video on your mobile and continue on your computer

youtube launches the continue watching function you can now start.jpg
youtube launches the continue watching function you can now start.jpg

As it does with the rest of its applications, Google tests and periodically add more features to YouTube. Without going any further, a few weeks ago he introduced a new gesture to go through the chapter and we also know that he is testing the integration with the Google Assistant for his new suggestions.

What we bring you now is a new feature that affects both the mobile app and the browser. Is about the ‘continue watching’ function, which allows us to start watching a video on our phone and continue on the computer where we left it. It was initially discovered by 9to5Google, but has already started to reach users around the world.

From mobile to computer, but not vice versa


With the new ‘Keep Watching’ feature, YouTube uses the mini web player so that you can continue to play a video on your computer that you started to watch on your mobile phone.

I mean, yes you start watching something in the YouTube app (iOS or Android) and you stop it or exit the app before finishing it, the next time you open YouTube in your computer’s browser, the mini player will automatically appear in the lower right corner with the video paused where you left off. And under the title of the video, the phrase: “Keep watching.”

From there, you can resume the video in the mini player or click the little expansion icon to watch it in standard player. To do this, ob

In Engadget Android, we have verified that, for now, it works for YouTube Premium subscribers and in the Chrome browser, but it is a matter of time before Google will extend it to more users. As reported by 9to5Google, the same thing happens if you stop the video in the YouTube application for Android TV, but, for now, it is not possible to do it the other way around: you cannot pause a video on the web and continue watching it on the phone or on television. .

Via | 9to5Google