YouTube for Android is testing the integration with the Google Assistant for its new suggestions

youtube for android is testing the integration with the google.jpg
youtube for android is testing the integration with the google.jpg

Not only is Google’s search going to be smarter in the coming months, but the company also wants to improve suggestions for Youtube, and for this it is relying on the Google Assistant.

The application of YouTube for Android is integrating with the Google Assistant to offer Suggestions on topics related to the videos you are watching. It is a experimental function that the video portal will be testing until next October 27.

This is the integration of YouTube and the Google Assistant

For a few months, YouTube has been reporting the experimental functions that Premium subscribers They will be the first to try before they reach the rest of the users, and in the new function they will be able to find some new suggestions that will allow us get more out of the Google Assistant.

Currently these new suggestions are only available in english, and what they do is show in the description the video the new section “Do more with Assistant” (“Get more out of the Assistant” as translated by YouTube). There we will see a carousel with suggestions related to the video we are watching.

Youtube Google Assistant

As we see in the screenshots above, the suggestions will allow us to ask the Google Assistant to show us information about the artist of a video clip or to see more information about the trailer movie as an example of some of its possibilities.

If this experimental feature is successful with YouTube Premium subscribers, it is expected to reach other users in the coming months. Maybe to see this show in Spanish we will have to wait a little longer.

Via | 9to5Google