YouTube already allows you to zoom in on your videos: so you can try its new experimental function

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1659648396 1366 2000.webp.webp

The function ‘Pinch to zoom in or out’ that YouTube is testing on mobile is not much of a mystery. To zoom you will have to pinch on video player. Of course, at the moment it only works with the full screen player and will allow us enlarge up to 8 times.

Once enlarged to the video we can slide your finger to move the enlarged area and thus center and zoom in a certain region of the video to see in more detail what appears there, so the zoom is perfect for those letters or small details that we want to see more closely.

For zoom youtube videos From now on we need to be subscribed to YouTube Premium, whose subscription price starts at 11.99 euros per month, the first month being free. If we are already subscribed to YouTube Premium, the next step is activate the experimental function.

Try New Features

To activate it we have to go to the YouTube application menu by clicking on the image of our profile. there we go Your premium benefits and then to Try new features. In the new screen we look for the function Pinch to zoom in or out and activate the experimental function by tapping on the button Try.

After a few minutes of waiting, YouTube will now allow us to zoom in on full-screen videos until said experimental function disappears, which will be available until September 1so we have less than a month to test it.

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