Your saved passwords are more at hand than ever on Android with the new Google widget

your saved passwords are more at hand than ever on.jpg
your saved passwords are more at hand than ever on.jpg

Android phones have their own Google password manager, hidden in the bowels of the Google app settings. If every time you want to check a saved password you spend a lot of time navigating between menus, now there is a faster way to do it: with a new shortcut.

Google Password Manager has added a shortcut that you can add to your launcher to open it with a touch and thus be able to consult much more quickly any password that you have saved in your Google account. We tell you how you can add it to your mobile.

Put your passwords at hand on Android

One of the advantages of the Google password manager is that they are integrated into the autofill service, so that in most cases when you need them for a website or application, they are automatically suggested to you without you having to do anything. But there are cases where the hint does not appear or where you need to check a password manually.

Then you’re going to have to wrestle with the menus a bit. Officially, the way to do it is to open the Android settings, enter the security section, password management and, finally, the Google autocomplete service and its password manager. As an added difficulty, these menus often change their name and location in different layers and versions of Android. There is an easier way where you only have to wrestle with the menus once.


Once you get to the Google password manager by any of the available methods (you can also tap on your profile picture in a Google app)oogle > Manage your Google account > Security tab > Password manager), press the options icon at the top and you will see the section Add shortcut to home screen.

Pressing the button passes the witness to the launcher that you have installed on your mobile, which will be in charge of providing you with add the shortcut to your home screen. The normal thing is that all launchers today allow you to include it, unless you use one that is too special.


After adding the shortcut you will have an icon passwords on your home screen which, when tapped, directly opens Google Password Manager. Tapping it will prompt you to choose your Google account (if you have multiple) and you’ll need to use your fingerprint to display a specific password, but otherwise it’s a heck of a lot faster than digging through the menus.

Via | 9to5Google