Your mobile helps you find the cheapest gasoline: these are the best apps to save you a few euros

your mobile helps you find the cheapest gasoline these are.jpg
your mobile helps you find the cheapest gasoline these are.jpg

Life is getting that way and between the rise in electricity prices and the gasoline they are managing to put a good part of the population in trouble. That is why it is increasingly interesting to do a few extra kilometers in our car to ensure that we fill the tank with the least possible investment. Finding cheap gas is the new national sport.

But this can be done more easily by taking advantage of that piece of cutting-edge technology that we carry in our pocket: our mobile phone. let’s show you a series of apps that will show you at which gas stations you can save a few cents per liter to fill up the tank at the lowest possible price. And of course, let’s start with Google Maps.

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Finding Cheap Gas on Google Maps


Our beloved Google Maps can help us find cheap gasoline and it does so without any complications. We just have to find a gas station on google maps and the app will take care of show us the price of each type of fuel in each and every one that appears on the list.

The information will appear in the summary of each gas station, just above the address, hours and contact telephone number. Thus, with a look at Google Maps we can know where to go to fill the tank cheaper. Be careful not to move too much, let’s see if what we save we are going to spend going back and forth to refuel.

Google Maps - Navigation and public transport

Google Maps – Navigation and public transport



Another quite interesting app when it comes to hunting for cheap fuel is GasofApp, a mix between ‘Gas-of-App’ that at least gives it a striking name. With GasofApp we can have on screen the gas stations with the price of their fuel, but we also have available the routes to reach each of them without having to leave the application itself.

In addition, in GasofApp we can create a list with our favorite gas stations once we have located the ones that usually move at the lowest prices. So we can always go to them to save some money when filling the tank of our vehicle.

GasofApp - Gas Stations

GasofApp – Gas Stations



Also for iOS and Android we find GassAll, an interesting app that not only offers us a map with the gas stations where we can find the cheapest fuel, but also personalize that information for our use. Or rather, it adapts it to our vehicle because we will have to provide some information before starting the search.

At GassAll we indicate what type of fuel we use, what capacity our vehicle’s tank has and including the average consumption of the vehicle in question. All of this helps GassAll recommend the most suitable gas stations for us to fill the tank in addition to offering additional information such as the history of positions, etc. And we will also have information about promotions or discounts to fill gasoline. Very practical.

GasAll: Gas Stations Spain

GasAll: Gas Stations Spain

Gasoline and Diesel in Spain

diesel gasoline

Finally, we leave you with an option for Android such as ‘Gasoline and Diesel in Spain’. Again we obtain information on all types of fuels, also including biodiesel or bioethanol, and also with prices collected from the website of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Of course, the app will show us the price of Gasoline 95 by default, although it is possible to customize it.

Like the rest of the apps on this list, in ‘Gastolina y Diésel en España’ we will have a map that will show us the location of the gas stations. We can also order the prices from highest to lowest to decide which one we want to go to try to save something when filling the deposit. And yes, the app allows us check the route directly without having to leave it.

Gasoline and Diesel Spain

Gasoline and Diesel Spain

  • Price: Free with advertising and in-app purchases
  • Developer: Quadbits
  • Download it for: Android