Your favorite website in Android Auto: so you can turn any website into an application

your favorite website in android auto so you can turn.jpg
your favorite website in android auto so you can turn.jpg

With Android Auto you can do a lot of things, and even more with the help of unofficial applications, which take the system beyond what Google allows. With the help of AA Store, you can do something as simple and useful as open any web page as if it were an Android Auto app.

Android Auto does not have a web browser and, although it is possible in

First, AA Store

The first that you will need is AA Store, the unofficial Android Auto app store. Basically it is a repository and installer for some Android Auto apps that are not available on Google Play. You will need to download a recent version, which you can find on GitHub.

After opening AA Store, you will see the usual list of applications, including CarTube, Fermata Audio, and many others. In the list there are other more mysterious applications, which are called simply Custom app and a number. These are the applications that you can use to open your favorite web pages. Install any of them.


You will not be able to choose the application name or icon, which will be displayed as is on the Android Auto screen. Of course, you have several colors to choose from, in case that helps you relate the color to the web page that will open.

Configure the web

After installing the application on the mobile, it is time to configure it. Open the application and the first thing that is asked is that you accept the microphone permission. It is optional, and you will only need to grant it if the web you are going to open requires the use of the microphone.


Tap on Click here to insert the URL … to open the configuration, where you will have to write the web address of the page you want to open. This address cannot be changed later, so make sure you have entered it correctly.

Your favorite website, in Android Auto


At this point you have everything ready. Connect the mobile to Android Auto and you will see that among the available applications are the Custom apps that you installed before. Tap on any of them and the web will open as if it were an application.


The integrated browser that displays the web page works very well and smoothly, being able to browse the web and see any embedded video or any other element. Basically, it’s like having the direct access to any website of your interest just a touch away, something that Android Auto does not allow to do natively.