Your Android TV under absolute control with this excellent app: delete what you don’t want and speed up your TV

your android tv under absolute control with this excellent app.webp.webp.webp
your android tv under absolute control with this excellent app.webp.webp.webp

Not all the applications that your television brings will be of help to you, surely you would be interested in removing more than one that you do not need. And there’s no better Android TV companion than ADB TV, a excellent software with which you can make your TV go just the way you want. And without having to use a computer: ADB TV is ready to be used from the TV itself.

It is not that the manufacturers that include Android TV in their devices tend to fill them with unnecessary apps, mainly because they are not devices that include ample memory. The most they usually go is to offer Google TV as a layer; as much as they can add Homegrown apps and streaming platforms that you may not use in life. Whether it takes up a lot of space or just annoys you, there is a way to clean your Android TV thoroughly and easily. ADB TV is your app.

All the power of ADB without connecting to the computer

adb tv

ADB TV Installation Process

The Android Debug Bridge or ADB is a tool for developers that, thanks to the command line, allows almost complete management of an Android device in a very advanced way. This involves everything from installing apps to capturing the screen remotely; going through what interests us, remove any installed app, whether it is system or not. That is where ADB TV is aiming, as it is an Android TV app that enables an ADB bridge with the convenience of using your TV’s remote control.

Once the application is installed on the TV from the apk that is available on the ADB TV website, and after a configuration process that involves accept some delicate and necessary permission to work, the installed apps manager will be ready to do deep cleaning. As with apps like Universal Debloater, ADB TV carries a certain risk, since it’s easy for the TV to stop working if we go too far removing software. You have to be very careful.

APP DB goes perfectly for what it proposes: clean an Android TV of unnecessary apps. To do this, the following process must be carried out:

  • Download the application from its website and install it on your Android TV following the app upload process of your choice.
  • Open the apk and start the setup process. You must activate access to the use of applications, USB debugging and several more advanced options. The process is guided, but remember the risks involved.
adb tv

ADB TV setup process

  • Once you have ADB TV installed, the app will list all the software you have on your TV. You can navigate from the remote to any of those apps.
adb tv

  • Check the application you want to remove, move to the menu on the right side of the screen and press ok on the remote: the actions menu will appear.
  • Choose “Uninstall” and the app will be removed from your TV. Proceed with all the apps you want to get rid of.

ADB TV is very complete and extremely powerful, since it can remove any app from your Android TV. Of course, when you update the firmware of your TV, those apps will reappear: the process only removes the installation of the apps, not their installation packages (they come pre-installed in the TV’s operating system). If they appear again, you just need to repeat the removal process with ADB TV.


The app has no ads and is free for basic use. What do you want advanced options? ADB TV offers a premium option with an online purchase from its website marked at 5.99 euros. If the application is useful to you, and you consider that it is worth buying it, the developer will surely appreciate it: in our experience, it is a really useful app.

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