Your Android mobile has a hidden video editor perfect to get you out of trouble

your android mobile has a hidden video editor perfect to.webp.webp.webp
your android mobile has a hidden video editor perfect to.webp.webp.webp

Our mobile comes loaded with a lot of applications that allow you to perform basic actions. We are not referring to bloatware, but to the apps of each manufacturer and, above all, to the Google suite. One of those apps is Google Photos, and it’s a great gallery, but it’s also a most useful editor.

And be careful, since it is not only used to edit photos. Has it ever happened to you that you want to make a simple video with four clips that you have on your mobile and you have been forced to download an app with advertising and with more options than you need? Well let me tell you that Google Photos has, for years, an editor to make “movies”and we will teach you how to use it.

How to access and use the Google Photos video editor on mobile

Google Photos is the only app that many users need to touch up their photos. Its editing options are visible, they are easy to use and, if you have a Google One subscription, you can even use the famous ‘Magic Eraser’ of the Google Pixel.

However, you also have a tool that allows you to generate video clips from photos and, of course, movies. The truth is that Google went a little overboard by calling the ‘Movie’ option because what it allows is much more basic: cut and paste clips, add music and that’s it, we already have the video, but hey, it’s appreciated.

To enter this editor, what you should do is open Google Photos, go to ‘Library’ at the bottom, and then select ‘Utilities’. There are several options, but the one you should look for is ‘Movie’.

After doing it, you can make a movie using ‘presets’, but what interests us is the option ‘Select photos and videos’. Once this is done, select the videos or photos you want and click ‘Create’. Now you must wait because they are uploading to the cloud. It’s the downside, but hey, you can always delete them when you’re done.

Google Photos 1

And that’s it, we would be in the editor where we can change the length of each clip, add music, change the format between vertical or horizontal video, add more tracks, etc. The limit is 50 filesso you have plenty of room to create movies by putting together clips, for example, from vacations.

Google Photos 2

As we say, it is a very simple editor, but it is the only thing we need when we have four clips that we want to joinsince there is no need to resort to any download from the Play Store.

Also available on Google Desktop Photos

And be careful, if for whatever reason you can’t get by with the tool in the mobile version (because the icons may be small or you may not feel comfortable with the precision of the cutter bar on the phone), you can go to Google Photos in its web version to have the same options.

google photo

Simply upload the clips you want to use to the cloud and select ‘Utilities’ in the left bar. Click on ‘Movie’, select the files and click on ‘Create’. After a few seconds in which we will see the loading wheel, the timeline will appear to start editing the video.

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