You have the most original mobile game for free on Netflix: Before your eyes, enjoy it while you blink

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Netflix’s game catalog recently swelled with Before your eyes, a 2021 title that won different awards throughout the year and that had not yet landed on mobile platforms. Now it does it in the hands of Netflix. And keeping the original content intact.

The story of Before your eyes narrates that moment that is supposed to happen after death, when all life passes before the eyes as a kind of reminder of the good things that happened during the years of existence. Also the bad, of course, that bad decisions also count. And just about that turns the mechanics of Before your eyes: to decide the story.

The originality of the game stems from the mechanics itself: to decide we must blink. Through face detection (Before your eyes uses access to the camera for said detection, it is optional) we have to choose the following steps until unravel the entire plot that spun the life of the protagonist. As we blink we will navigate through history in the same way that the soul navigates towards the beyond.

Before Your Eyes

Before your eyes offers a way to interact with the phone that we have not seen in any other mobile game. The story is very neat, as well as the setting and the artistic design of all the scenes. Too bad it’s too short, in just under two hours it’s finished. The remains are in Spanish, the voices in English.

Before Your Eyes

Before your eyes is an excellent wallpaper generator

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can now download Before your eyes to your phone. It is a wonder for its originality and for how well plotted the story is. And it will not cost you anything: we recommend that you try it. You’ll finish it in a few blinks.


NETFLIX Before Your Eyes

  • Developer: Netflix, Inc.
  • Download it at: google play
  • Price: Free with Netflix subscription
  • Category: Video