You can now silence someone on WhatsApp calls

you can now silence someone on whatsapp calls.jpg
you can now silence someone on whatsapp calls.jpg

As WhatsApp improves its calls and video calls, it is necessary to introduce functions that are present in similar apps, but were not yet. One of them is the possibility of mute someone on a callwhich is beginning to be possible now.

Now that WhatsApp supports group calls of up to 32 participants, moderation options are necessary. One of them as simple as power mute someone’s microphone is now available to users with both WhatsApp Beta and the stable version, both on iOS and Android.

Silence please

In a person-to-person WhatsApp call, you have the option to mute your microphone or mute the speaker, which effectively mutes the other person’s microphone, but things get complicated in group calls. The speakerphone button is still there, but it mutes everyone.

If you’re in a group call with 32 people and someone is making noise or echoing, you can always ask them to mute their microphone, but now there’s a slightly more proactive way to do it, by muting yourself. To do this, you must do a long tap on your name in the preview in the callwhich displays a new menu.


The menu has two options: send message or mute microphone. The first option opens a chat with that person (or returns to it, if you already had one open), while muting the microphone will prevent you from hearing audio from that person. At the moment it is not an option limited to administrators: anyone can mute another.

When someone is muted using this menu, it displays crossed out microphone icon in its preview in the call. Obviously, the person can turn the microphone back on and speak at any time. The feature is now rolling out to all WhatsApp users, beta or not, and on Android and iOS.

Via | WaBetaInfo