You can now sign up for the Google Home beta to test the news before anyone else

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1663053281 1366 2000.webp.webp

If you use the Google Home app a lot and want to try what’s new before ever, now’s your chance to do so by signing up to public preview. As of today there is no direct access in the application so that you can sign up, but instead you need to open this link in the browser of your Android mobile:


The link opens with the Google Home app and will show you the welcome window inviting you to sign up for the public preview program, as well as some information about it. All you have to do is press request invitation very bottom.


Google explains that this preliminary version will serve to test features early so that you can in

For your part, you must request an invitation, but it is up to Google if you will be accepted into the program or not. It is possible that Google for this a closed beta program on Google Play, linked to a specific Google account. For now, you can already start showing your interest in participating in the beta program, if you wish.

Via | Android Authority