You can now hide the ‘online’ status in WhatsApp, for now only in beta

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Prevent others from seeing you online

The new privacy settings are currently rolling out to users in the beta of the app. Not yet for the most part It is likely that it will not appear even if you have the beta installed on your mobile. Even so, it will not take too long to arrive, even on stable WhatsApp.

The notable improvement in privacy allows you to choose which contacts see your online status within the application. This, together with the limitation of the last seen in WhatsApp, prevents anyone from tracking activity; both contacts and those who only know your phone number, you can choose.

To limit who can see you online you must follow a small process. Remember that maybe it won’t show up you must take it into account.

  • Access your WhatsApp settings by clicking on the three upper points of the conversation window.
  • Go to the “Account” options.
  • Enter “Privacy” and access “Time of last time”.
  • Notice that the setting for “Who can see when I’m online“. Select “Same as last time”. once” for WhatsApp to limit the information of being online to the chosen contacts.
Online Whatsapp

Our recommendation is that you configure your contact list so that only those closest can see your last time and that you are online. It’s a bit cumbersome, but it’s worth it:

  • Choose the “My contacts, except…” option.
  • Click on the mark all icon, top right.
  • Deselect those safe contacts that you want to allow access to your private data.