You already have the QR code reader on your mobile without installing anything: so you can use it on iPhone and Android

you already have the qr code reader on your mobile.jpg
you already have the qr code reader on your mobile.jpg

We live surrounded by QR codes. To request an appointment, to search for information on a business, to search the menu of a restaurant, to enter hospitality establishments … interest in these codes is growing. From personal experience I have seen many people download applications to read QR codes and that is what we want to clarify now. This is something that does not need to be done, since both iOS and Android already include this reader as standard.

In the case of iOS or what is the same, the iPhone, the camera app can read QR codes without having to install anything from iOS 11. In Android we find solutions such as Google Lens that can read QR codes and some manufacturers, such as Samsung, incorporate it natively in their camera applications.

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No third party apps

Code Qr

QR codes are there to make our lives easier. Groups of squares and spaces in black and white that are read to offer access to all kinds of services. And since its function is to make life easier it makes no sense to have to download applications.

Google and Apple have made improvements to their applications over the years and one of them is this, so that to use a QR code reader it is no longer necessary to install applications from third parties. With the camera of our device and the apps that come by default, we can scan QR codes without installing anything at all.

Qr Ios

QR code reader on iPhone camera

The case of iOS is the most striking. Since iOS 11, the iPhone camera includes a QR code reader natively. To use it nothing easier than opening the camera and pointing at the QR code in question. A small yellow sign appears when the code is identified and just click on it to access the desired information. Thus, without installing anything.

Qr Reader On Samsung

QR code reader on Samsung camera

In the case of Android, three-quarters of the same happens. Although there are dozens of apps in the Play Store to read QR codes, we find how there are manufacturers that include it as standard in their camera applications. Samsung, the Pixel 5 and 6 with Asisstant, are some of them. But in the event that it is not integrated into the camera app, there is a Google application, Lens, that takes care of this task. And all without ads or subscriptions.

Google Lens

QR code reader in Google Lens

In the case of a mobile with Android you can access Google Lens from the Google app or from the screen widget and when you press the camera icon and point to the code, you will see a link appear to access the data of that code.

Google Lens

Google Lens

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