Xiaomi powers your mobile camera: the new MIUI Camera update improves photo processing

xiaomi powers your mobile camera the new miui camera update.webp.webp.webp
xiaomi powers your mobile camera the new miui camera update.webp.webp.webp

Xiaomi never stops, neither to launch devices, nor to continue polishing quite a time-honoured formula as is MIUI 14. Already immersed in the second phase of the deployment of its customization layer, the owners of a mobile from the firm are in luck.

Because whether you have a POCO, Redmi or the main family device, you will use the native camera application. A MIUI Camera that keeps adding versions with a new update. We discover the novelties that will reach all the mobiles of the Chinese manufacturer, enhancing the photographic experience.

Better processing for the camera

The official MIUI camera app includes various functions to get the most out of the photographic experience that the terminals provide us. Despite having alternatives like the incredible Gcam, the natural thing to do is go to the solution that comes pre-installed on our phone.

Well, this is updated with important news, one of these related to the image processing. As we know, when we press the shutter button, our mobile gets a raw image that it processes until we finally get the image in JPG. This is of crucial importance, since the final result depends to a large extent on it.

Now, with the advent of the version 4.5.002850.1, the processing applied in leading terminals such as the Xiaomi 11 Ultra should be available in other models of the firm. But it is not the only good news, and that is that the performance has been increased.

In the past, some users reported errors when it was time to immortalize memories, or when switching between the available modes. Now, Xiaomi has fixed the performance, so we should notice better performance. This update is available in APK format, waiting for Xiaomi to launch it through its own ‘store’.

Can download it following this link, but remember to enable the option of unknown sources or origins, so that your Xiaomi mobile allows you to install external applications.

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