Xiaomi Cloud: what it is and everything you can do with the Xiaomi cloud

xiaomi cloud what it is and everything you can do.jpg
xiaomi cloud what it is and everything you can do.jpg

Apple has iCloud, Google has its own storage plans, and Xiaomi has Xiaomi Cloud. It is a somewhat unknown option, since it requires the creation of a Mi account. Nevertheless, it is possible to “skip” this step and enjoy Xiaomi Cloud by logging in in seconds.

We are going to tell you what is Xiaomi Cloud and everything you can do with this service. In short, Xiaomi Cloud is Xiaomi’s cloud service, through which you can synchronize content cloud, find your device if you’ve lost it, and more.

This is Xiaomi Cloud

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Xiaomi Cloud is a Xiaomi service that It comes from the factory when you buy a mobile from the brand. In this case, a Xiaomi account is required to enter, but for a while we can log in with google account, so you do not need to enter any additional information.

Xiaomi Cloud is the “iCloud” of Xiaomi. It gives us an extra 5 GB to have online storage, but we can move to payment plans to expand them

This is the cloud service, so we have an online storage space in addition to the internal memory that our phone has. That is, if you just remember, Xiaomi Cloud is a great option to expand your storage. Like iCloud, 5 GB is offered as a base, if we want to increase the figure, we have to go up to the payment plans.

The thing does not stop here, and it is that the Xiaomi cloud does not only allow you to store files online. We can make backup copies of our files, find our phone if we have lost it, have an online trash where the files remain for 30 days, and synchronize the data of the system applications.

Xiaomi Cloud pricing

Like the competition does, Xiaomi has its own payment plans with Xiaomi Cloud. In this case, the cheapest plan starts at about 11 euros to change, quite interesting figure to expand our total internal storage by up to 50 GB.

  • 50 GB extra: Premium rate and costs 98 HKD, about 11 euros per year.
  • 200 GB extra: Mega rate and costs 318 HKD, around 35 euros per year.
  • 1 TB extra: Ultra rate and it costs 948 HKD, at the rate it is 104 euros per year.