‘World of Goo’ returns to our mobiles with double the resolution, saved in the cloud and free for Netflix subscribers

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world of goo returns to our mobiles with double the.webp.webp.webp

‘World of Goo’ is one of those legendary games from the early days of mobile phones. It reached the iPhone and iPad in 2010 and Android phones a year later. Now, ‘World of Goo’ joins Netflix’s list of exclusive games with a new version without ads or in-app purchases that is free for Netflix subscribers.

‘World of Goo’ has remained little changed since its release and more than ten years later it was still staying fresh, although the graphics were beginning to suffer, so this remastered version has twice the resolution and exactly the same number of slimy balls.

‘World of Goo’ Remastered for Netflix

Attention puzzle game fans: if you have a Netflix subscription, you can download the remastered version of the legendary ‘World of Goo’ for freethe game where you will have to strategically combine slimy balls to solve puzzles that become more intricate as you pass each level.

‘World of Goo’ is a game developed by two people over a decade ago that has been ported to virtually all existing platforms. On mobile phones and tablets, it has been a paid version since 2010, which, by the way, was removed from Google Play a few weeks ago. The legacy of ‘World of Goo’ continues in this remastered version, Netflix exclusive.


This 21st century ‘World of Goo’ arrives with higher resolution and cloud synchronizationso you can continue your game on other devices where you’re signed in, with Netflix.

Apart from the best graphics, the gameplay of this remastered ‘World of Goo’ remains the same. The objective is strategically collect balls so that they are sucked into the pipes, with gravity as the main opponent. The remastered version is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

World of Goo: Remastered

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