With this website you can check if your COVID certificate works correctly

with this website you can check if your covid certificate.jpg
with this website you can check if your covid certificate.jpg

Little by little it is becoming more common than the COVID passport be the entry key to access different public spaces. From social health centers to hospitality establishments and that is why it is interesting know in advance if our certificate works correctly.

If in its day we already saw how a German application such as Corona Warm-App worked, now it is the Cantabria Ministry of Health through the Cantabrian Health Service (SCS), which has launched a web application that allows you to check the validity of the COVID certificate. And it serves both for Cantabria and for any other COVID certificate in Spain.

The COVID certificate works correctly


Without having to perform any installation, the web application can be accessed through the Cantabrian Health Service (SCS) at the address https://verificacovid.scsalud.es. Without going to show personal medical data, this tool focuses on determine if the COVID passport is valid or not.

It is enough to enter the web address that we have seen before and we will see two tables with access to the verification service and another to download a poster that can be printed by the establishment that wants to take advantage of this service and that informs about the need to present the certificate before entering to the premises that are affected. Also, for ease of use you can create a shortcut to the web from the desktop and a warning message appears on the web page.

Certificate 2

As well explained on the web, “this application allows you to scan and read the QR code of the EU Covid Digital Certificate, both in printed and digital format and shows on screen the personal data of the user and if their certificate is valid or not, to show that either you have been vaccinated, that you have recently passed the disease or that you have a negative PCR. ”

With this tool the user can prevent possible problems with the certificate before having to use it and that, for example, it does not show the correct data or that it cannot be read directly. In addition, it must be remembered that the COVID passport will have to be presented together with the DNI to verify the data and be able to enter the premises.