With this app you can extract and share APKs of applications and games very easily

with this app you can extract and share apks of.jpg
with this app you can extract and share apks of.jpg

All the applications installed on your Android phone or tablet consist of their corresponding APK file, but it is not always easy to find and share it. Even if you use a file manager like MiXplorer, you need to find the exact path and the files are not always named the same as the application.

Today we bring you ML Manager, a APK extractor similar to APK Extractor with which you can easily save all the APKs of the applications you have installed. In addition, it has the advantage of being free and not requiring any type of root. And as a gift, its design is quite nice.

Extracting and sharing APK with ML Manager

ML Manager

There are many reasons why you might want to save the APK of one of the applications you have installed, such as creating one backup or share with a friend an application that is no longer on Google Play or is blocked from your device. Generally in these cases we resort to download pages like APKMirror, but ML Manager makes it easier and faster.

The ML Manager interface is quite nice and intuitive. It shows you all the installed applications, sorted alphabetically and differentiated into three tabs: installed applications, system applications, favorite and hidden applications. Each application has two buttons, one for Extract the APK and another for share it. By clicking on Extract it is already extracted directly, automatically saving itself in the folder specified in the options.

Similarly, you can also share the APK using the standard Android dialog. In this case, it must be an application that allow the sending of files of any format, such as Telegram or email. WhatsApp for now only allows the sending of documents, so it is not included.

Tapping on an application gives you some information about it, such as the link to Google Play, buttons to uninstall or open the application, and information about the size of the APK. This allows you to see that the ML Manager itself barely takes up 5 MB of space, a fairly reasonable size for an application that will help you fiddle with your Android.

ML Manager: Extract APK

ML Manager: Extract APK

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Javier Santos V.
  • Download it at: Google play