Wireless Android Auto can no longer be disabled, and this is a problem for many users

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For a few weeks now, the new Android Auto with its Coolwalk design has begun to reach the whole world, offering its users the benefits of its new interface, but it is not all improvements and advantages that each version of Android Auto is bringing. .

Android Auto settings have lost an option that was very practical for many users: the option to activate or deactivate Android Auto wirelessly. Google has removed it in the most recent versions of its application.

You can no longer disable wireless Android Auto

With the expansion of wireless Android Auto, any mobile with Android 11 or higher is compatible, and in recent months, new cars also allow us to connect the mobile to the vehicle without cables. And that could be the reason for Google to have removed that setting.

Android Auto Wireless

Left: Previous versions of Android Auto | Right: Android Auto 8.7+

The option “Android Auto wirelessly” had several uses. The first of these was knowing if our mobile was compatible with wireless Android Auto. If that option appeared in the settings, it meant that we could use Android Auto wirelessly.

The second utility was to leave that option disabled if our car was not compatible with wireless Android Auto. Now said support will always be activated and there will be no way to deactivate it, although it is not a problem that now it is always activated.

The third utility, and the one that is causing complaints from some users, was that it allowed the user to temporarily disable Android Auto wirelessly so that another mobile can connect wirelessly to the vehicle, something practical for those people who share a car and go together in the car, that the person who is co-pilot could deactivate this option so that the car does not connect to his mobile and yes to the mobile of the person who is going to drive.

To solve this small problem now, it will be necessary to temporarily deactivate the Bluetooth of the mobile we don’t want it to connect to the car’s Android Auto. Once you have connected to the other mobile wirelessly, you can enable the Bluetooth of the other mobile again.

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