Why Netflix does not appear in Google Play and how to solve this problem

why netflix does not appear in google play and how.jpg
why netflix does not appear in google play and how.jpg

Do you have a recently purchased mobile, have you searched for the Netflix app in the Google Play store and it does not appear? It is a more common error than it seems and is due to the lack of certifications: the brand of your phone has not guaranteed compatibility with the platform. But don’t worry, you can still access Netflix with a few simple steps, always without having access to HD.

Leaving aside the controversies over price increases and the more than imminent strategy of cutting shared accounts, Netflix continues to be the leading streaming platform in terms of variety of content. It is even more and more full of mobile games, some with more than decent quality. Of course, to access most of the content you need to download the application, something that does not usually cause problems. Not usually.

Certifications are the key

Netflix Not Available

Manufacturers must guarantee that their devices are suitable for playing the series and movies on the platform, also to store them with maximum security. If this is the case, and as long as the mark take care of implementing the relevant licenses on the phone, he will have access to download the application. Also, depending on the certification, it will be able to reproduce content in low or high quality. At this point the level of DRM (protection of digital rights) that reaches the mobile influences.

In the event that your mobile is not suitable for Netflix because the brand has not certified it the application will not appear in the Google Play Store when performing a search. And if you enter the store with the link to the Netflix tab, the message “Your device is not compatible with this version” will prevent you from downloading the app.

What does not appear in Google Play? All is not lost, because on Android we are lucky enough to have access to applications through APK files.

  • Download the latest Netflix APK from APK Mirror. The file is safe.
  • Install the APK on your Android and log in with your account.
  • You will now have access to all the movies and series on the platform, as well as downloading the content to your phone.
If you install Netflix from the APK because your phone is not certified, you will not be able to play the content in HD, only in SD

A mobile may not be certified for Netflix at the time of its commercialization and after receiving the certification after updating (The same goes for access to HD content.) It is just what has happened to us with a test phone: it started without access to Netflix and, after successive updates, it ended up obtaining permission to access the download, also to HD content. And this is extensible to other platforms; like Amazon Prime, Disney+ and HBO Max.