Where are the WhatsApp and Telegram audios saved?

where are the whatsapp and telegram audios saved.jpg
where are the whatsapp and telegram audios saved.jpg

One of the most popular functions in messaging applications are both voice memos and other audio files. From a duration of a few seconds to long minutes (we all have a friend like that), we can communicate with this function. However, a voice file takes up space on our internal storage, something that, added to the fact that they are saved automatically, It can be a problem if our mobile has just internal memory.

We are going to teach you where the audio files are saved in WhatsApp and Telegram so that you have them located at all times and you can delete them or make a backup copy in the cloud or any physical format.

Where the audios are stored in WhatsApp

Whatsapp Audios

In both cases (speaking of Android), WhatsApp and Telegram, we are going to use a file explorer. All mobiles come with one, so you just have to use the one that comes installed, or download the one you want from the Play Store. Unless you have moved data to the microSD card, the path is as follows for WhatsApp.

  • Internal memory
  • WhatsApp
  • Half
  • WhatsApp Voice Notes

In this folder we find the voice notes that have been sent to us. An important point here is that WhatsApp saves these files in .opus format, an extension that, most likely, your phone cannot open without an application that is capable of reading these files.

Where the Telegram audios are saved

Telegram audios

In the case of Telegram, we have to do practically the same. We are going to use a file explorer to access the following path:

  • Internal memory
  • Telegram
  • Telegram Audio

In the case of Telegram, files are saved in extension .ogg, a format that most phones can easily read.

What to do in the case of iOS

Whatsapp audios

In the case of iOS, We cannot access the internal folders of the applications through file explorer, so we are going to manage the audio files from the application itself.

  • We open the WhatsApp application

  • Setting

  • Data and storage

  • Manage storage

  • We open the conversation or group that we want to see

  • Manage

From this section we can see what the audio messages occupy and delete us with a single click by clicking on ’empty’ after making the corresponding selection.


In the case of Telegram, the process is similar, although there is an advantage here: the cloud. The files that we delete from Telegram can be downloaded again, so you can access them even though you have deleted them from the internal memory of your mobile.

  • We open the Telegram application

  • Data and storage

  • Storage usage

  • We open the conversation or group that we want to see

  • We delete files