WhatsApp’s “vacation mode” reaches its beta: the archived, archived remains even if they write to you

whatsapps vacation mode reaches its beta the archived archived remains.jpg
whatsapps vacation mode reaches its beta the archived archived remains.jpg

Almost three years have passed since we first heard of WhatsApp’s “vacation mode”, a temporary name for a function that is actually somewhat less ambitious than it seems: do not unarchive messages when they write to you. Now, at last, it is beginning to activate users.

The function comes in the testing phase -that is, it is active for some users, yes, for others no- with a less catchy name, keep chats archived, but just as useful for vacations or downtime. We tell you how it works.

The archived, archived stays

WhatsApp allows you to archive conversations for a long time. When a conversation is archived, it is not shown in the list of open chats, but you must touch a small text at the bottom to find the chats. That is, they are hidden, but they are not erased. The problem is that as soon as the other person sends a message, the chat is unarchived.

That is, if you want to take a break from a WhatsApp group because it won’t be relevant to you for a season -For example, during your vacations- archiving it is not very effective because every time someone sends a new message, the chat is unarchived and it is displayed on the list again.

It is now possible to change the behavior so that what archives is not unarchived. Incidentally, the existence of archived chats has become more visible, showing up now (similar to how it happens in Telegram, although here it cannot be hidden with a long touch).

Archived chats Chats archived so far (left) and with the new behavior (right)

Tapping on the top banner of archived chats opens the list with all the conversations that have been archived and in which a text is included introducing the improvements included in the function. Basically archived chats they are not unarchived when they receive new messages by default, although you can change the option so that it continues working as before, if you prefer.

To do this, tap on the ⋮ menu and choose Archiving settings, where a window with a single configuration will open: Keep chats archived. It is active by default, so if you want a chat to be unarchived when it has new messages, as before, you must deactivate it. This same setting is also available in Settings> Chats.


Although three years ago WhatsApp internally called this change in behavior “vacation mode”, the function that is finally reaching users little by little is a little less ambitious, although quite useful for vacations or other specific moments. At the moment, the function is activating WhatsApp Beta users, although it would be logical that it reaches everyone in the coming weeks or months.