WhatsApp’s change of look continues: that’s how unrecognizable its settings will be

whatsapps change of look continues thats how unrecognizable its settings.webp.webp.webp
whatsapps change of look continues thats how unrecognizable its settings.webp.webp.webp

It’s as if WhatsApp had woken up from its lethargy in recent months, announcing changes that we couldn’t even imagine a few years ago, such as message editing or multi-device support. The interface is also undergoing and will undergo further changes, with completely revamped settings.

In addition to bringing navigation to the bottom bar, like on the iPhone, WhatsApp is going to renew its settings by borrowing some other idea from the google account selector and with new shortcuts.

WhatsApp settings move into the 21st century

WhatsApp is on its way to turning 15 and the years do not pass in vain for anyone. The application has chosen from its inception to leave progressively renewing instead of launching major sweeping redesigns. It currently seems to be in the middle of a redesign that will help us keep some of the latest options that have been added more at hand.

WaBetaInfo has been reporting the news in the redesign of the settings that have been introduced -not yet visible- in the latest beta versions of the application. The most surprising thing is that we are going to find a new icon in the top bar, with our profile picture. It will be a quick setting to view our account information and furthermore settings.


WaBetaInfo Screenshots

And these settings change quite a bit. To begin with, we are going to see our account information very large, with shortcuts to generate a QR code of our profile, view our profile, privacy settings and contacts. Just below we have two other links for our featured messages and linked devices.

By the way, these settings will change and the string of subsections will decrease, by including some of them as buttons at the top. For example, today we have the section Account, Privacy, Avatar, Chats, Notifications, Storage and data and languagebut in the redesign we find ourselves Account, Avatar, Chats, Notifications and storage and data.

The redesign, which is not yet active, is going to put options more at hand that WhatsApp has been placing where it has been able to, generally in contextual menus that are not too visible. With this change, these additional options they should gain visibility and, by the way, avoid some other unnecessary touch.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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