WhatsApp works on adding ‘communities’, something like groups of groups, to its application

whatsapp works on adding communities something like groups of groups.jpg
whatsapp works on adding communities something like groups of groups.jpg

The WhatsApp code frequently anticipates the news that is coming. While these are generally small changes, the latest one discovered by XDA seems somewhat larger and more mysterious than what we’re used to: the communities to WhatsApp.

The big question is what exactly these communities are, and that is that the numerous text strings that reference them do not describe their function exactly. One theory is that a community could have several groups or just the opposite: that a group could have several communities.

Possible groups of groups on WhatsApp

The text strings within the latest version of WhatsApp for Android are unequivocal: the application is preparing a section of communities And although it is not clear what exactly they are, it is clear that they are closely related to groups.

These communities seem to be quite similar to groups: you can join them, share them, they can have privacy settings that determine who can post or not, like groups. The difference seems to be that a community may have several groups or the reverse, that a group can contain within several communities.

For example, a community of petanque fans might have one group to discuss strategies, another to organize a league, and another for free talk. Basically like the different sub-forums of a forum of a lifetime, or like the channels of an app like Slack.

It is not clear yet whether the group contains the community or the community contains the group, although the texts seem to give more reason to it will be the groups that can contain communities. This could be the first clue of a major renewal of the social function of WhatsApp, where currently groups share space with normal chats without much order or concert. We will have to wait to find out more about it.