WhatsApp wins the game over Telegram: you can now choose the Emoji you want as a reaction

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As soon as the reactions were released, WhatsApp limited them to six Emojis: 馃憤, 鉂わ笍, 馃槀, 馃槸, 馃槩 and 馃檹. This limit was at the application level, not on the servers: due to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp servers cannot know what Emoji is being sent; so the communication protocol never really limited the number of Emojis available, these restrictions were in the app. It was a matter of time before WhatsApp eliminated them.

By comparison, Telegram supports up to 29 preset reactions on its Premium service; with the difference that reactions on Telegram have animationquite the opposite of WhatsApp, which are static.

WhatsApp already allows you to select any Emoji as a reaction, so confirmed the company and we have corroborated in our applications. Of course, the deployment may take time to activate to all phones since is done progressively and from the servers.

Every time you press and hold on a WhatsApp message, it will offer you the option to react with the six classic Emojis. And a “+” will appear on the right that open the full list of Emojis: Choose any and it will be pinned to the message, the contacts in the conversation will also be notified.

Whatsapp reactions

In the event that the reactions to choose do not appear, try clearing the WhatsApp cache, closing and opening the application or forcing it to close: these small steps are usually enough for activation. If he follows you without leaving you will have to wait a few hoursthe reactions without limit will surely not take long.

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