WhatsApp will let you record a voice note in several takes

whatsapp will let you record a voice note in several.jpg
whatsapp will let you record a voice note in several.jpg

Facebook has been working on a complete overhaul of the WhatsApp voice memo system for some time. The WhatsApp beta already has a new recorder and player, while working on transcription to text and a global player. The latest change discovered by WaBetaInfo is also interesting: power stop a recording and resume it later.

Although WhatsApp renewed its voice recorder with a new interface and the possibility of listening to voice messages before sending them, recording a voice note was still a matter of one attempt: when the recording stops, it stops forever. Soon it will not be like that, but you can continue recording, if you have something to add.

Record, pause, record more

The new WhatsApp voice recorder is available in beta versions of the application when you activate the recording without pressing, that is, by sliding towards the lock icon. This new interface allows you to stop recording at any time and listen to it before sending it. Then you have two options: either send it or delete it.

In the future, there will be a third option: keep recording. As can be seen in the following demonstration video, when a recording is stopped the stop icon becomes microphone icon. By pressing it, you can continue recording in the same voice memo.

At the moment this function is not active for users, but is in development. If it were activated, it would be a good way to reduce the cases in which it is necessary send multiple voice memos, when you find something else to add just after you finish recording the previous note.

If you use WhatsApp voice memos frequently, this news should come soon to both WhatsApp for Android and iOS, although at the moment it is impossible to know when it will.