WhatsApp will let us pin important messages in chats

whatsapp will let us pin important messages in chats.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp will let us pin important messages in chats.webp.webp.webp

One thing that is in many messaging applications, but not in WhatsApp, is the possibility of pin messages to the top of a chat. As WaBetaInfo has discovered, it is possible that this deficiency is about to be solved.

In WhatsApp you can star messages and it is also possible to pin conversations so that they appear at the top of the chat list, but for now there is no way to pin individual messages within a conversation or group.

The thumbtack will come to WhatsApp

It is inevitable that some important messages get lost in chats and groups, and one of the most common solutions used by these types of applications is to pin messages, after which they remain somehow anchored to the top of the chat. It is possible in apps like Telegram, but not yet in WhatsApp.

Now, we have indications that finally pinning messages will come to WhatsAppthanks to a screenshot from WaBetaInfo that shows the message that will appear if someone has pinned a message and we still don’t have a version of WhatsApp that supports it.


This still prevents us from knowing what the process will be like to pin messages and how many messages will WhatsApp let us set by chatbut at least it’s pretty clear that its developers are working on the functionality.

Surely later we will have more details about it and we can see how the system will workbut for now we are left with the satisfaction of knowing that, at some point, we will be able to pin messages, something that will undoubtedly be very useful for group and community moderators.

Via | WaBetaInfo