WhatsApp will improve the sending of documents with this novelty that was previously exclusive to photos

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Add context to your documents

In WhatsApp you can send many things: chats, voice notes, photos, videos, location, stickers, animated GIFs, emojis… Most of these elements describe themselves, but sometimes you may need add some context so that the chat does not become a tremendous mess.

Until now, this could be done in the previous step before sending a photo or video (the same one where you can now pixelate parts of a photo), but not if you used the button send documentwith which you can send any type of file to a chat and with a maximum size that is now 2 GB.

The novelty has been discovered in advance once again by WaBetaInfo and supposes that it also when sending documents we can add a description text, in the step before it is actually sent. Until now, if you choose a document, it is sent without further ado, without a previous step.

Note D

The difference is that while in this previous step where you add the description all kinds of editing tools appear when it comes to a photo or video, in PDF submissions the name, the number of pages and the box to add the text. At this time it is not known if this description will be available for any type of file or only for “real” documents, such as PDF files.

It will be a change interesting for those who need to send many documents by WhatsApp, so that they can somehow identify them in the same message, instead of having to send additional messages referencing them. We still won’t know when it will go live for users.

Via | WaBetaInfo