WhatsApp will give us more control over who can add new members to a group

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manual new member approvals.

We had already heard about the possibility of WhatsApp including manual approvals in groups a few months ago, but until now we had not seen exactly what it would be like. We now know from new screenshots that it will be a optional setting in WhatsApp groups.

who joins the group

With groups of up to 512 participants and the functionality of communities in theory just around the corner, it seems that Meta is in a rush to update its application with moderation and group management options that did not exist until now. Just yesterday we learned that administrators will be able to delete any message and today we know more about another related news: that admins can approve who joins a group.

Today only admins can add people to a group, either by entering them directly (if they allow it in their privacy settings) or by creating a link. Anyone with access to the link can join the group and there’s not much the admins can do except revoke the link and/or kick trespassers after they’ve joined.

That is where the novelty that WhatsApp is preparing fits in: manual member approval, similar to what we find, for example, in Facebook groups. When activated, those who try to join a group will be left in a kind of “waiting room” until an administrator approves them to join the group.


From the hand of WaBetaInfo we now have a better idea of ​​how this will work, which will basically be a setting in the options of the group called Approve new participants. At the moment we do not know if it will be activated by default or not, and we have not yet seen what the process will be like to approve new members. Possibly, it will be a list where administrators can approve or deny.

Another screenshot from WaBetaInfo gives us a little more information about what happens when you turn this setting on or off. Disabling it displays the text “You have changed the group setting to allow all participants to add members to the group” in chat, which is an important change for which anyone could add another to a groupsomething that until now was reserved for administrators.

Via | WaBetaInfo