WhatsApp will allow you to react to messages with any Emoji

whatsapp will allow you to react to messages with any.jpg
whatsapp will allow you to react to messages with any.jpg

Among all the WhatsApp news that will reach our mobile devices over the next few weeks we find The reactionsand it seems that they are going to arrive with more Emojis than expected.

During these last months, WhatsApp has been testing six Emojis as a reaction, but in the last beta it has been discovered that the company is implementing a new selector to add more reactions.

So you can react with any Emoji

It seems that WhatsApp will follow in the footsteps of his sister Messenger and it is that Meta will also allow the user react with any emoji as expected, since WhatsApp reactions were not limited to six Emojis, although until now there was no way to select more Emojis.

Whatsapp Emoji Reactions

WABetaInfo has managed to activate this feature still under development to show us a pre view

In this way we will no longer be limited to the six Emojis that until now only WhatsApp allowed to use during its tests. We can react to messages with any Emoji. What is unknown is when we will be able to react with all WhatsApp Emojis.

A couple of weeks ago WhatsApp announced the deployment of reactions and more news, but today this news has not reached everyone, not even WhatsApp Beta users. WhatsApp reactions may officially arrive with the emoji picker.