WhatsApp will allow you to manage the size of the backup: Google would remove its unlimited storage

whatsapp will allow you to manage the size of the.jpg
whatsapp will allow you to manage the size of the.jpg

While we wait for WhatsApp activate your new backup encryption for everyone we see how the popular messaging client also prepares an important novelty for your backups.

Through the latest beta of WhatsApp has been discovered company is preparing a new tool that will allow us manage WhatsApp backup size, and that this could be related to a rumor about Google drive.

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This way you can manage the size of your backup

Until now, when activating the WhatsApp backup, the only option that it offers us so that said backup takes up less space is to have the option of ‘Include videos’, but in future updates we will find more options.

So that this backup can take up less storage, WhatsApp prepares its new tool to manage backup size, which will allow us to disable the inclusion photos, audios, documents and / or other types of multimedia files, showing the size occupies. Thus the user can decide what type of files he wants to have in his backup.

Whatsapp Manage Backup

This novelty that WhatsApp prepares could be related to the rumor that Google Drive could stop offering unlimited storage for WhatsApp backups. Currently WhatsApp backups do not count towards the Google Drive quota but this could change soon.

According to rumors, Google would go on to offer a limited plan (2,000 MB per user) for WhatsApp backups, so anything in excess would count towards our Google Drive quota. That is why WhatsApp would add this tool so that the user can adjust their backup to their Google Drive quota, although all this still They are rumors But if we take into account that this year the unlimited storage of Google Photos is over, it would not be surprising to see the end of the unlimited storage of WhatsApp backups in Google Drive.

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