WhatsApp wants to look like Zoom and Google Meet: news coming to video calls from this week

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Almost half a year ago, among other features, the possibility of making calls with up to 32 WhatsApp participants arrived. However, there were no changes in this area for video calls. Now yes, WhatsApp will allow that up to 32 people can join in the same video call.

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Post by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook confirming the news of WhatsApp

And as we said in the title, this functionality does not come alone, since the possibility of create links to video calls and share them through WhatsApp itself or other ways. In this way, meetings can be arranged in advance or facilitate the entry of other participants if the call is already taking place.

In the same way that happened when WhatsApp calls were launched in 2015, the news in this area they are coming in stages from this Monday.

Therefore, it will suffice keep the app updated and in the next few hours or days you will have both news. The best way to know if you already have it is to access the calls and see if you get the option to create a link to one of them. And this will be valid in both the Android app and the iOS app.