WhatsApp wants to know your opinion with its new ‘WhatsApp Surveys’ surveys

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Tell WhatsApp what you think

WhatsApp is preparing a communication channel with its users directly in a chat: the whatsapp survey chat or WhatsApp surveys, which is marked as a company account. The application began to provide technical support through chat at the beginning of the year and now it does the same but with suggestions about products and services.

Let’s see WaBetaInfo some screenshots of this official chat with the WhatsApp surveys and, although for now we have not been able to see what these surveys will be like -or what the first one will be about- at least we know that we will have a message from welcome where it is explained to us that participation is optional and responses are private.

Wa Chat In App Survey Ios Scaled

The WhatsApp help goes a little deeper, claiming that they will be used to improve services and that we will receive messages from WhatsApp Surveys inviting us to participate. If you don’t want to participate in any of these surveys, you can always block WhatsApp Surveys.