WhatsApp surveys almost ready: without external apps and directly in the chats, this is how they work

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Ask what you want in any of your chats

Whatsapp surveys

Surveys allow you to ask about any topic. And the answers can be ordered by dragging them

The surveys are already within the WhatsApp application. Although, as is often the case with future features, they are kept hidden in the code so no one can access them until they are fully tuned. As WaBetaInfo verified, WhatsApp is testing the button within the attachment option to directly create a survey. And we agreed to them.

Once they are active, to poll the opinion of a person or group, all you have to do is open the attached elements of the chat (in the clip icon) and choose the button doubt these polls. After completing the step, WhatsApp will allow you to write the question in the upper text field and add all the possible answers in the boxes below. The order of these questions can be changed by holding down on the three horizontal lines of each field (and dragging the question to the desired position).

We were unable to activate the button with which to launch the polls from the conversation window, but yes we were able to test one of those surveys. From our experience, these are its qualities:

  • They can be created in both individual and group chats.
  • The header question supports up to 255 characters. Each possible answer can consist of up to 100 characters.
  • The surveys admit up to eleven possible answers.
  • It is possible to observe the results after the completion of each survey.
Whatsapp surveys

Survey icon on attachment button. Image from WaBetaInfo

Presumably, whoever creates a survey on WhatsApp can choose its duration, but we ignore these limits and whether they can be customized. The functionality isn’t available yet, but it shouldn’t be long, at least in WhatsApp beta. We have been able to access it through the application code and using root.

Via | WabetaInfo