WhatsApp statuses even in the soup: the application will make sure that you see the pending ones

whatsapp statuses even in the soup the application will make.jpg
whatsapp statuses even in the soup the application will make.jpg

WhatsApp plans to “instagramize” its States by transferring its way of displaying them from the sister platform: all users who have uploaded a new State will reflect that update in the chat window. As in Instagram, WhatsApp contacts will have a circle around the avatar to say that they have uploaded a new Status; that can be viewed after clicking on said avatar.

Facebook has practically taken over messaging and social networks by dint of creating an experience that, without being really homogeneous, yes it holds the different platforms together. Instagram and Facebook have instant messaging, like WhatsApp; it offers contact with brands, just like it happens on Facebook; they all include States among their functions (even if they are called something else). Precisely, WhatsApp is looking for a way to highlight these states. Solution? look at Instagram?

WhatsApp States will be included in the conversations window

States Avatars Whatsapp

The States pending to reproduce in the chat window. Image from WabetaInfo

You may think that this ephemeral functionality is used extensively on Instagram and not on WhatsApp, but don’t believe it: a growing part of users uses the States to tell what happens in life in a more private way. After all, the most intimate contacts are found on WhatsApp, quite the opposite of Instagram.

Since accessing WhatsApp States is not exactly comfortable since you have to move to the tab with that name and navigate between the different updates, the developers have thought that including the States in the conversation window will play more. Just as it happens on Instagram with its Stories.

As WaBetaInfo discovered, the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android includes a interface change that reflects Status updates on each contact. To do this, a green ring is used surrounding the avatar: in this way, WhatsApp warns that there is a State pending to reproduce. And to see it, just click on that icon, without necessarily going through the States screen.

That WhatsApp wants to give greater importance to the States seems logical, not in vain this part of the application is somewhat off the hook despite the fact that many users use it. Y could be a window to advertising Just like on Instagram. We will see how they evolve and when the change comes to all applications: for now, the representation of the avatars with pending States is hidden in the beta of WhatsApp for Android.

Via | WaBetaInfo