WhatsApp reactions, just around the corner: they already appear in your beta settings

whatsapp reactions just around the corner they already appear in.jpg
whatsapp reactions just around the corner they already appear in.jpg

If you have been dreaming of being able to reply to a WhatsApp message without writing anything for a long time, you will be interested to know that the reactions to messages seem to be very close. So much so that the option to deactivate your notifications now appears in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS.

Typically this means that WhatsApp could activate them from the server side at any time, starting of course with its beta version. Although we had already seen this settings panel filtered by WaBetaInfo, the difference is that the settings are now visible to users of WhatsApp Beta for iOS.

Prepare for reactions

WhatsApp reactions are going to be one of the biggest changes in the chat communication of this messaging application since the stickers arrived. We have already seen before how they will look, being similar to the reactions in apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Twitter.

The idea is simple, you can “react” to a message with an emoji of your choice using an emoij. This way, instead of responding “ok” to a message, you can simply react with a 👍 if you prefer. The other person get notified when someone reacts to your message. If you think so, as we know the notifications for new reactions can be activated or deactivated from the settings.


It is precisely this setting that puts us on notice that the reactions are about to arrive, when they appear “publicly” for the first time for users. It appears in WhatsApp Beta for iOS, and with a reorganization of the options somewhat different from the previous filtration: the notifications of reactions can be activate separately for messages and for groups.

WhatsApp seems to be preparing the ground to activate the reactions, something that could happen at any time. The WhatsApp Web code also includes multiple mentions for reactions, so it looks like you’ll be ready to display them as soon as they’re ready.


WhatsApp Web code also seems to be ready to show reactions as soon as they are active

When? That is still unknown. We know that it will be necessary to have an updated version of WhatsApp to be able to see and use them. Typically, they start in beta first, perhaps with a limited number of users or by region. They may not take much longer.

Via | WaBetaInfo