WhatsApp reactions begin to reach Android through its beta version

whatsapp reactions begin to reach android through its beta version
whatsapp reactions begin to reach android through its beta version

If last week we saw how WhatsApp is testing its global notes player, now we see how the popular messaging client is testing another novelty highly demanded by users: reactions .

After several months of development, we see how WhatsApp has already started testing reactions through its latest beta , but this novelty has only been released for a small number of beta testers.

So are the reactions of WhatsApp

Whatsapp reactions

WhatsApp reactions are no mystery to those users who already use other applications such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Google Messages, since the operation is similar as we were able to test a few weeks ago .

To react to a message , photo, video or audio we will have to make a long press to select it. After activating the options menu, six reactions will appear above the selected message (I like it, I love it, It amuses me, It amazes me, It saddens me and I pray/beg).

When selecting a reaction, it will appear in the lower right part of the message and we can only react to a message with a single reaction, but we can change the reaction as many times as we want, the sender being notified by a notification every time we react to it again. your messages. It looks like reactions will only be available for private chats at the moment.

It is expected that over the next versions of WhatsApp Beta the reactions will begin to reach more users until they are available to all testers. Then the reactions will make the jump to the whole world through its stable version.

Via | WABetaInfo