WhatsApp puts access control to groups: choose who enters and who doesn’t, even with the invitation link

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WhatsApp groups have not stopped integrating improvements in recent times. Proof of this was the arrival of what is known as WhatsApp Communities, present since last year. What comes now is one of those small but useful features. Especially for group administrators.

This is the possibility of granting permission (or not) to access the WhatsApp group. An unprecedented function so far and that it will make groups much more private not enough to have the link to enter.

You will enter, but only if I give you permission

There are two ways to join a WhatsApp group: to be added directly or to join yourself via an invite link. Precisely the latter had the defect of allowing entry to anyone who had it. And not everyone who has a link to the group has to be authorized, since he may have gotten the link in an indirect way.

The fact is that the new function of WhatsApp helps to avoid the lack of control in groups and that the administrators have the power to decide who enters and who does not. It should be said that this function, as confirmed by WhatsApp itself, It will end up reaching all users in the coming weeks.

The way to know if it is already available is because a notice appears within the group chat itself which says “new members need admin approval to join this group. Tap to change this.” If we touch, it will allow us to deactivate this option and return to business as usual, with a free hand for anyone to enter. Otherwise, we will have that power of decision.

Group Join Request

On the other side of the coin we find those who wish to access protected groups. These will have only a button that says “Request to join”. Once pressed, the administrator or administrators of the group will have to authorize their entry. If they don’t authorize it, bad luck.

Resuming the role of administrator, At the top will appear a notice with pending requests. All you have to do is press that notice to access the group menu and then, by going to ‘Pending participants’, individually approve or reject each of the requests.

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