WhatsApp Pay wants to prevent anonymous payments by asking its users to identify themselves, according to its source code

whatsapp pay wants to prevent anonymous payments by asking its.jpg
whatsapp pay wants to prevent anonymous payments by asking its.jpg

WhatsApp has been allowing payments through its app for a long time thanks to WhatsApp Pay, what happens is that these payments are not enabled worldwide. In fact, yesvery few regions accept them, like India, but through these regions and countries we can see how a service evolves that we hope will one day be fully international.

As usually happens in these cases, the WhatsApp Android beta is responsible for revealing some future news of the app, and this time it is the aforementioned payments. As they tell us from XDA Developers, everything indicates that WhatsApp prepares the ground for stop allowing payments to be made anonymously.

Changes to WhatsApp Pay to prevent anonymity

As we say, there are already countries in which payments are allowed through WhatsApp but until now such payments were anonymous, or semi-anonymous because it was necessary to identify the destination account in countries like India, or verify credit or debit cards in countries like Brazil. However, it was not necessary to contribute anything else when carrying out a transaction and it seems that WhatsApp is working to change this.

On this occasion, the information is extracted from the source code of the beta of WhatsApp for Android in its version v2.21.22.6. There is where up to four chains are not activated for now but that anticipate the need to verify our identity before making transactions. “Verify your identity to continue using payments on WhatsApp “ is a string that leaves little room for doubt as to what functionality the app plans to activate.

One of the possibilities being considered is that this change is not going to be global but that WhatsApp is preparing to launch in a new region that does not allow anonymous payments, which would make sense. Remember that services like Google Pay don’t ask to upload documents that they verify each one of the payments although others do. We will see where this change in WhatsApp leads, which is already in the beta and will not take long to activate. Although not in all regions.

Via | XDA Developers