WhatsApp on Android dresses up as an iPhone: the great redesign expands in the beta and will reach the menus

whatsapp on android dresses up as an iphone the great.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp on android dresses up as an iphone the great.webp.webp.webp

If you use WhatsApp Beta on your Android mobile, it is possible that you got a little scared when you saw that its interface has changed radically. The big redesign of the app, which changes navigation from using top tabs to a bottom button pad, is rolling out. activating generally in WhatsApp Beta.

For those who have already used or use WhatsApp on an iPhone, it will be like coming home because it is a design similar to what it has in iOS. As if that weren’t enough, changing the app’s navigation will also change the contextual menu that appears when selecting messages, being comparable, again, to that of iOS.

WhatsApp for Android loses its identity

Android and iOS are not the same and therefore many applications that are available for both operating systems are not identical on an Android mobile and on an iPhone. In WhatsApp this was quite evident until now because while in Android it has tabs at the topon an iPhone the navigation is at the bottom.

After many years in which this has remained the same except for the occasional change from one tab to another, now WhatsApp for Android opts for bring the navigation to the bottom, like on the iPhone. It arrives here with four buttons: Chats, Communities, States and Calls. There is no button for settings, like in iOS. The novelty has been in testing for some time and is now being activated quite widely among beta users.

whatsapp design

In return, the upper header of WhatsApp is lightened and continues to maintain the camera, finder and context menu buttonbut we cannot switch between the different sections of the application by sliding to the sides, as before.

The bottom navigation of WhatsApp for Android is already being activated, but there is another novelty that equates the Android version to that of iOS that is on the way: the context menu when selecting a message. We learned from WaBetaInfo that it is also going to be redesigned.


Until now WhatsApp for Android uses the standard Android selection system, which integrates contextual buttons as menu items at the top, but soon we will have a floating context menusimilar to the one in iOS.

Although WhatsApp for Android is going to lose some of its identity with these changes, the truth is that the contextual menu that appears when selecting a message it was growing too much in terms of the number of elements included, making it increasingly necessary to expand the entire list. With this new menu, which we still don’t know when it will arrive, everything will be much more visible after selecting a message.

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