WhatsApp no ​​longer saves the photos and videos of a temporary chat on the mobile

whatsapp no ​​longer saves the photos and videos of a.jpg
whatsapp no ​​longer saves the photos and videos of a.jpg

Temporary messages arrived on WhatsApp at the end of last year as a way to automatically clean the history of a chat after a certain time (from 1 day to 3 months), although they had a problem: the photos and videos from a temporary chat could be displayed in the gallery which somewhat defeated the purpose of temporary messages.

This is already changing in the latest beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS, in which the photos and videos of a chat that has temporary messages active they are not saved in the mobile although they can still be seen in the chat, of course.

The hidden, more hidden

For a few years, WhatsApp has allowed you to hide the photos that come to you in the chats of the mobile gallery without the need to do tricks like adding a .nomedia file on Android. Later, the option was made even more precise upon arrival Media file visibility a setting that you can change separately in each WhatsApp chat, so that the files of that chat are shown -or not- in your gallery.

This setting has remained the same since the beginning, but with the arrival of temporary messages on WhatsApp, the system had a certain problem: chats with temporary messages should not leave too much of a trace on the mobile, but their photos and videos were still saved on the mobile. mobile and, therefore, being easily accessible by other applications. This changes in the latest WhatsApp betas: if you use temporary messages, the photos and videos are not saved on the mobile.


You’ll find this out for yourself if you turn on temporary messages in a chat and then try to change the Media Visibility setting for that chat. Instead of having the usual options, you are shown a warning window indicating that, for privacy the files are not saved in the phone gallery, which makes sense.

So you must choose. If you want photos from a chat to be automatically saved on your mobile, you’ll need to disable temporary messages for that chat. Nevertheless, you can still save photos or videos manually of a chat with active temporary messages, from the application’s own ⋮ menu, when opening it in WhatsApp.

Via | WaBetaInfo