WhatsApp message editing is here

whatsapp message editing is here.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp message editing is here.webp.webp.webp

Just yesterday, WhatsApp anticipated that the edition of messages was about to drop and, a few hours later, we already have it here. whatsapp has officially announced the editing of messages for all. Although, as usual, the function will be rolling out little by little over the next few weeks.

Starting today, users will be able to edit a post after in

Message editing is here

Editing messages in WhatsApp is one of the biggest changes that the application has had in its history. With several months in development, we were able to test it a long time ago, and since then it has been timidly expanding, first among beta users. Now, message editing reaches the whole world.

The next time you send a message with a typo, you will not need to correct it in a new message, but you will be able to edit the original message. Have 15 minutes to do it: from then on the option to edit a message no longer appears.


Editing a message in WhatsApp is very simple because all you have to do is select it and use the contextual menu button ⋮ at the top, where it will appear -if you already have the edition active- the button Edit. Then all that remains is to change the text and press the send button.

Posts that have been edited are displayed with the text edited next to its original submission date and the edit history is not saved. You can already see the messages edited with recent versions of WhatsApp and the editing itself “will be available to all users in the coming weeks.”

More information | WhatsApp

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