WhatsApp is the new Zoom: how to use call links to create a virtual meeting

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The concept is to give a little more flexibility to be able to plan a call and that everyone who is invited can easily join it. In addition, they are extremely easy to configure. Basically the process goes through opening the tab of calls of WhatsApp and tap on Create call link.

Once this is done, you will have the link created, shown in blue, and you can tap on it to join the call immediately. However, before doing so you can configure what kind of call is it: if it is an audio or video call.

That’s all the necessary configuration. Then it’s time to in


WhatsApp call links have no privacy settings, so anyone with the link can joinno more.

and the rest join

The easiest part is to join the video call, since all the participants have to do is tap on the link. We will then see a welcome screen where we are shown a preview of our camera, whose link it is, and two buttons: leave or join.


Of course, you will have to press Join to enter the video call, and this applies both for those who join and for whoever created the link. When people join the video call no notification is shown to the creatorso the only way to know if someone has entered it is to also enter it and check it.

Otherwise, calls created with this method are exactly the same as the WhatsApp calls that already existed before, the only difference is the way you join. You are free to turn your camera and microphone on or off, switch between the front or rear camera, and hang up at any time.