WhatsApp is completely renewed: communities, reactions, 2 Gig files and more

whatsapp is completely renewed communities reactions 2 gig files and.jpg
whatsapp is completely renewed communities reactions 2 gig files and.jpg

Today is the day that all WhatsApp users will begin to enjoy the news that the company has been amassing for some time. The reactions arrive in a stable way, files of up to 2 GB can also be sent. And the most noticeable: WhatsApp launches its communities, vitaminized and private groups.

It is not that WhatsApp inaugurates too many functions, that its strategy lies in staying more than in gaining users. With more than 2 billion using the app every day, making profound changes is risky; hence the arrival of the communities poses an enormous number of challenges. These are already here.

Vitamin groups and end at 100 MB for attachments

Whatsapp Communities

Groups are more than common in messaging applications like WhatsApp, often to the horror of those who are among dozens of people who are not silent. Although these groups allow to maintain the conversation around the different topics, they also drift to any field at the slightest opportunity. Communities aim to reduce these distractions.

The new communities are released on WhatsApp, as reported by the company itself. Once they are activated for all users, they will be able to create end-to-end private and encrypted environments where to talk about the objectives of an NGO or about the pending tasks of a school. To do this, each community can create internal groups.

Community administrators will be in charge of maintaining order, both in the entire community and in internal groups. In addition, they will be private: unlike what happens on Telegram, communities are neither indexed nor searchable. They are only accessible by invitation.

WhatsApp communities are not public: they are only accessed by invitation, not by searching

Apart from the communities, WhatsApp launches other major changes in its stable application that have been in testing for months:

  • WhatsApp reactions. The company finally activates the reactions to the messages.
  • Deleted by administrator. The administrators of groups and communities will be able to delete the messages that they deem appropriate.
  • Send files up to 2 GB. After the localized test in Argentina, the expansion up to 2 GB of attached files reaches all users.
  • Voice calls up to 32 people. WhatsApp raises the number of participants in voice calls from eight to thirty-two.
whatsapp news

WhatsApp ensures that the communities, reactions and other news arrive from today to all users, have the stable application as beta. These changes will be progressively expanded.

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