WhatsApp increases the time you have to delete a message for everyone to more than two days

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Two and a half days to delete a message

WhatsApp drastically increases the time you have before regretting after a message. If less than 60 hours have passed Since you sent it, you can delete it for everyone, so it doesn’t show up on your phone or the other person’s. Instead, the text is displayed you canceled this message.

Initially, WhatsApp gave us seven minutes to delete a message for everyone, although it later increased to 4096 seconds (1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds). The last change is the most radicalWell, we went from just over an hour to more than two days.


We will need to make sure that we and other senders have a recent version of WhatsApp for the invention to work, so it may still be some time before this new limit becomes the new standard. For example, WhatsApp for Windows still does not allow us to delete all messages with the new limit.

💭 Rethinking your message? Now you’ll have a little over 2 days to delete your messages from your chats after you hit send.

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) August 8, 2022

Otherwise, the process for deleting a message for everyone remains the same. Always in this window of 60 hours from its sending, you must select the message with a long touch and then press the trash can icon. In the menu that appears, you will have to choose delete for all. Remember that this option is not infallible, and there are still methods to recover deleted messages.