WhatsApp gives new life to its states with five new features

whatsapp gives new life to its states with five new.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp gives new life to its states with five new.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp has announced one of the biggest package of improvements for its statuses since they replaced the old text statuses. Total, five news for the states have been announced as available globally starting today.

These novelties, which have been deployed for months now but which now they will finally activate for everyone They are the following: the audience selector for statuses, the rings in the chat list, the voice statuses, the reactions to statuses and the link preview.

States Privacy


In WhatsApp it is possible choose who can see statuseswith options like My contacts, my contacts, except and Only share withavailable both in the global privacy options and before posting each status, but now it will be easier to adjust.

The new state privacy selector has arrived, which we can access by touching State, in the bottom bar before pressing the send button. In the floating panel displayedwe can easily choose between the three privacy options before publishing it.

Hoops in the states with updates


Since last year, WhatsApp began to notify us of which of our contacts had statuses pending to be seen directly in our chat list, with a hoop around your profile picture.

The test has been satisfactory, as this novelty will reach the whole world, at the latest in the coming weeks. With this novelty, we can see the states of one of our contacts directly by tapping on your profile picturewithout having to go through the tab state.

voice states


Possibly the biggest novelty announced by WhatsApp in this package of improvements are audio stateswhich had also been in testing for a few months.

Its operation is similar to text states, and in fact to create them we must choose this option. The difference is that, instead of writing a text, we must press the microphone button and record the messageas usual.

Reactions to states


They will also be available to everyone right now or in a few weeks at the latest. reactions to stateswhich had been on the way for almost a year now.

To react to a state we must slide up, which in addition to showing us the keyboard so that we can write something, superimposes some emojis on the screen so that we can choose them as a response. It is sent as a message to the other person.

Link preview


Finally, we have a novelty that will make the publication of links in WhatsApp states somewhat more bearable. The novelty is very simple, when we copy a web link in the text in a state, it will become a card with information about the link such as the name of the web, the description and an image.

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