WhatsApp enables sending messages to oneself: the function reaches all devices

whatsapp enables sending messages to oneself the function reaches all.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp enables sending messages to oneself the function reaches all.webp.webp.webp

At the end of last year, the most famous messaging application covered one of its most important shortcomings: the possibility of sending messages to oneself. All this time it has remained in beta phase, and this function will prevent us from having to use some tricks for this purpose.

Well then, WhatsApp begins the year by deploying this feature which was already available in preview. The function that allows us to send messages to ourselves reaches everyone, without exception.

Message yourself, available from today on all mobiles

As we mentioned, the functionality was available in the beta version, but it seems that the testing has been satisfactory and It is available on all mobiles, both iOS and Android. This feature is called Message Yourselfor “Send yourself a message”, if we apply the translation to the language of Cervantes.

This new addition comes to WhatsApp for organize your life in a better way: send yourself notes, shopping lists, order your agenda, write yourself a reminder, or use it as a draft when you have to prepare a complex and important message.

Available in the two most used operating systems on the market, to use it we only have to touch the button again chat. On Android, when we see the contact list, it will appear in the first place, just below the “New group”, “New contact” and “New community” options, making it very easy to access the function.

Whatsapp Message Yourself

Secondly, in iOS it is present immediately below the frequent contacts section. As we can see, it follows a route similar to that of the Google system.

Whatsapp Message Yourself Ios

To enjoy this new feature, You must install the latest version of WhatsApp from official stores. If you are an impatient user, on Android you can always update it using the APK. We are in luck with the arrival of Message Yourself, because we no longer have to create a sad group in which only we are.