WhatsApp does not work: how to know if the application is down or giving errors

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A first review that you should do on your mobile is that of make sure you have an internet connection. To do this, all you have to do is enter other applications that require a connection or try to access any page from the mobile’s web browser.

Yes you have problems connecting to the internet, it will already be ruled out that it is a WhatsApp problem. In this case, you should check if they are problems with the WiFi or if the problem is with the mobile data. Faults in the area, lack of coverage or even having the airplane mode activated inadvertently can be common causes.

If your Internet connection is fine, do not confirm yet that the problem is due to a WhatsApp crash.

In the event that you have been able to access the Internet in other apps and WhatsApp still does not work, it is likely that its servers are down, but it is not yet certain. Before, you can try other things such as checking the compatibility of WhatsApp with your mobile and even restarting the mobile or reinstalling the app to eliminate temporary files that may be preventing it from working properly.

How to check if WhatsApp is down

Whatsapp crash

If once you’ve done the above checks, WhatsApp still doesn’t work, it’s obvious that the server is down. Asking a friend or researching social networks can help you, but there is a method to know accurate data about the fall of WhatsApp.

The DownDetector website is used to check the fall of services of all kinds, including WhatsApp. Therefore, you should only go into DownDetector and search for “WhatsApp” via the search box. Once you do it you will find the options of WhatsApp Y whatsapp businesshaving to click on the first one if you are using the app of a lifetime.

downdetector whatsapp

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to see clearly charts about downtime, being able to even see on a map which are the geographical areas affected by the fall. You will also be able to see it by time slot, being able to observe the peaks in which the application has suffered a greater number of falls.

When will WhatsApp work again?

This is the one million question. And it is that, knowing when WhatsApp will be operational again is always a mystery. Normally, neither Meta as the parent company nor WhatsApp itself specify anything, so we usually have no choice but to enter the app relatively frequently to check if we can

Usually, doesn’t usually last too long. In fact, it is likely that we are not aware of the majority of outages because they occur for a few minutes and not always during hours when we are pending, since they are usually due to server maintenance. In falls of another origin, yes can last several minutes.

It lasts more or less minutes, there is little we can do as users if WhatsApp has crashed.

There have been times when there has been a global crash of several hours. In October 2021 it was due to a misconfiguration of the routers. in these falls for so longWe can’t do anything either.

After all, it is difficult to know how long a WhatsApp crash will last and what will be the origin. Therefore, by not depending on users, little can be done to restore service. Luckily, we do not have to do anything when it is solved, since the service returns to normal without further ado.

What to do during the WhatsApp crash

The most recommendation happy flower Its the seize the moment to disconnect and leave the mobile aside for a few minutes and hours. A break from technology never hurts, especially knowing that it is already treated as just another addiction. Although, logically, it is not always possible for us or we may not directly feel like disconnecting.

In these cases, it is where other messaging applications come in. In this area, it is Telegram the one that takes the cake as an alternative to WhatsApp. In fact, it has some extra features that the Meta app doesn’t incorporate and that could even convince you to start using it more when WhatsApp returns.

Signal and Line are the other two most common applications in these cases. The first stands out for its privacy functions. Line’s, on the other hand, is the most similar to WhatsApp and in which visual elements such as stickers reigned first.

Instead of installing another app that you probably won’t use again, it might be a better idea to use the social network messaging that we already have or in

The last option, and probably the most valid, is that of in